Garage Talk (Men's Group)

Join the guys as they get together for Garage Talk! It is exactly what it sounds like. Each meeting someone volunteers their garage or plans an event for guys only.

Women's Group

The ladies meet to to share, talk, and laugh. From art and shopping to food swaps and adventures! Their goal is to enjoy the moment away from everyday life.

Christian Education

Join Sundays at 9:30am to dive deeper into the Bible while engaging in dialog with the group. This is a great small group that breaks the word of God down.


Younglife meets 1st and 3rd Thursday for all high schoolers. We have a great meal, play a lot of games, and wrap up with a 10 min talk.

Children's Church meets 2nd and 4th Sunday at 10:30a. This is a kid friendly introduction to the Bible and church. Just like Younglife, there are games!